MadWorks by Madeleine; a professional dancer and freelance artist within the performing arts. Classically trained at English National Ballet School and the Royal Swedish Ballet School, she also does neo-classical and contemporary works, and recently expanded to musical theater and theatre plays. Collaborating with different artists — videographers, DJs, photographers etc. — is also something that inspires her, she is always exploring new opportunities and visions.

Madeleine is Swedish-Singaporean, who has lived and worked in London (UK), Singapore, Vancouver (Canada) and Stockholm (Sweden). Round one in Singapore was when she worked with Singapore Dance Theatre as a dancer, for three years. It was then that she also began teaching ballet.

In 2014 she completed her Pilates teacher course and became a certified STOTT Pilates Instructor, Matwork. The same year, she received the Swedish Arts Grants Committee scholarship to attend the Batsheva Gaga Intensive Summer Course in New York (US), to develop and expand her borders as a dancer.

Vancouver was her next destination. She was back on stage in 2016 performing in Bad Girls The Musical, as Kat Yates. Thereafter she got casted as Kay Strange in Agatha Christie’s Towards Zero, a theater production by Vagabond Players.

The following years she spend in Stockholm working for Fotografiska International (2018–Covid-19), before moving back to Singapore to pursue new adventures.

Dancing, acting and being on stage is my passion; I love performing and communicating with the audience! As dance is a performing art, it is sometimes smoother for me to introduce myself and share what I do through videos and photographs. This website was consequently created to present a bit of myself, to reach out and to encourage collaborations with people and artists.


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